Patient Laquira boasts that the Alpha Pregnancy Center (APC) is teaching her "how to become a great mother."

When she first walked through the APC's door, she was "shocked" to discover that she was, in fact, pregnant, but was equally as surprised at the warm reception she received from the staff and the benefits that soon followed. She took a friends suggestion to visit the APC for a free pregnancy test. But that's not all she received. Laquira was overwhelmed by the love, friendliness, support, and continuous education she has been given since finding out that she was expecting. "I've never been open to people like I have been" with the APC's staff, she explained. "I felt safe," Laquira said. Her patient advocate has become like a trusted friend to her. Had she not had access to the APC, Laquira said, "I think I'd be scared, cause I wouldn't know what to do." She would have relied on her mother and grandmother, but even her grandmother Janie, admits, "I love this place. It's taught me a lot, too." Janie is learning alongside Laquira about new advancements in childbirth and childcare.

Before and after her baby's arrival, Laquira has been learning from her patient advocate how to give her baby what she needs - from prenatal care to breastfeeding the premature infant. From what Laquira says she's gleaned from the APC's instruction, she's confident that her daughter is "going to be a great kid," she said. The APC is also "teaching me what she needs for her health." Laquira says her daughter is not the only beneficiary of the services, support, and education the Alpha Pregnancy Center provides. "It's teaching me how to grow up and be a real woman ... a great mother.


Seventeen years ago, Miranda, a senior in high school, became pregnant, withdrew from high school, and never completed her degree.  She had life challenges, struggles, and found herself a single parent raising two children.  Three years ago, when the Alpha Pregnancy Center-Dawson opened, one of the first clients just happened to be a fifteen year old, Diamond, Miranda’s oldest daughter.  Diamond was a sophomore in high school; pregnant and decided to parent her daughter, Zaniyha.  Zaniyha is now a little over two years old. The wait for it moment of this story is that Diamond will graduate, three years to the day, as a single parent, a mother, high school graduate and college bound pursuing her nursing degree, from when she first walked into the Dawson center.  Diamond’s mother; Miranda says that the APC-Dawson has turned her and her daughter’s life around when she learned that Jesus loves her no matter what happens, she can love herself and is stronger spiritually. Diamond stated that she has learned to remain focused on her goals, to finish well, attend college, raise her daughter Zaniyha, and to honor her life in Christ.  They often attended parenting sessions together and stated that they really enjoyed learning how to grow children up in love and admiration of the Lord.

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