Your Gift Saves Unborn Lives

What is the value of a life? Who chooses when a life has value? When a woman finds herself in an unintended pregnancy, she may begin to think about these questions.

Where does she turn? Who will be the community standing in her corner for her and her unborn baby?

In 1991 supporters like you joined together to found the Alpha Pregnancy Center. Since that time, it has grown into 5 medical clinics throughout the region under the leadership of 3 medical directors.

Faithful support from our donors has allowed us to serve over 5,000 patients with pregnancy related medical services, including many who considered an abortion, but changed their minds and chose life for their baby. Some even cancelling their abortion appointments from our office.

Your gift to the Alpha Pregnancy Center equips us to continue to be the community that is here for women in Southwest Georgia by loving them and their families well, sharing God’s love for them through the gospel of Jesus, and opening their eyes to see the innate value of the life they carry.

Because of your giving, women and families receive a variety of free services to help them as they make their decision. 

Your gift provides:

Pregnancy Testing

Consultation with a medical professional to answer her questions

Obstetric Ultrasound

Visualization of her baby and her baby's heartbeat on a screen

Engaging Classes

Education to equip her as she parents her children, including: healthy pregnancy, parenting, discipleship, and life skills

Men's Ministry

In our community 60% of children are born to fatherless homes, your gift can equip men to learn how to be there for their children


Finding ways to help meet other needs by partnering with other organizations, such as adoption agencies

Her visit, or their visit as a couple, allows you to be part of our community in affirming the value of the life she is carrying, talking with them about the difficulty they may be facing, and providing them with life-saving alternatives to abortion.

Join with us through your financial gift to provide a welcoming community for unborn life, women in difficult situations, and families in need of hope in Southwest GA.


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